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The Difference between Water and Flood Damage

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Your home can suffer from different forms of damage and when it comes to water, the most common are water damage and flood damage. Most homeowners believe that these two forms of damage are essentially the same thing. However – water damage and flood damage are very much different. By differentiating between the two and understanding the differences, you’ll be able to take the proper action to protect your home and reduce the chance that certain issues may arise. Water Damage Water damage is the type of damage that usually […]


Tips for Cleaning Your Home after Water Damage

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Current statistics show that water damage causes about $9.1 billion in damage on a yearly basis. The worst part is, most of that water damage could have been avoided by early detection and maintenance of plumbing fixtures. Not only does water damage lead to an increase in your water bill and the need for costly pipe repairs, but it also leads to significant property damage and loss. If your home has recently been affected by water damage, you can mitigate the clean-up expense by taking on some of the responsibility. […]


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