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Flood & Damage Restoration

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Water damage may occur as the result of a leaking or frozen pipe or water line. Overflow of a dishwasher or washing machine is also a common cause of this type of damage, and the same is true of a sink, toilet or bathtub that overflows. Basements may flood as a result of heavy rains or a roof may leak.

Regardless of where the water is coming from, homeowners need to ensure the areas affected by the water are quickly dried. Doing so often requires the use of specialized equipment and methods to ensure the job is handled properly and efficiently.

When choosing a water restoration service, homeowners want to find a company that will assess the damage and extract any water. The affected areas must be dried and personal possessions must be cleaned and restored.

The source of the water has to be located and repaired and the area completely restored. Anything less and the problem may occur again or new problems may arise, such as the growth of and mildew. In addition, the provider should work with the homeowner to handle any necessary insurance claims in this situation.

Individuals often assume floods only occur following a tornado or hurricane, yet an isolated storm or weak tropical system can do a great deal of damage in a short period of time. Before an assessment can be done of the property, any debris must be removed along with large structural items that may cause additional damage.

The roof may need to be covered or the structure dried during this process, before complete reconstruction can begin. In addition, the structure might have to be stabilized or trees removed and the property boarded up. A professional storm damage restoration provide can help in this situation to minimize any damage caused by the flood. Once these steps have been taken, only then can the water damage restoration process begin.


All staff members are trained in the use of the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the customer’s property is returned to the pre-loss condition. Contact the company at any time, day or night, for assistance with any of these issues. Staff come in to immediately begin the restoration process and will work with the client’s insurance company to ensure the structure is secured, the damage is removed and the home is reconstructed, refinished and restored in a timely manner.


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