Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can be devastating to home owners and businesses. It can spread rapidly and burn valuable possessions. After a fire is put out, soot will be left behind and a strong smoke odor can linger in a home or building. Soot and smoke can penetrate deep into carpets, walls, furniture and electronics and damage them. Windows and roofs may get destroyed by a fire, leading to a security and privacy issue for homeowners and businesses.

Most fires in a home or business are caused by accidents according to the National Fire Protection Association. Kitchen fires are a leading cause of fire damage. Unattended stoves and ovens can burn food and start a fire. Microwaves, toasters and other electrical cooking appliances can overheat and spark a fire. Cigarette ashes, candles and kids playing with matches are another common cause of fires.

The Fire Restoration Process

Water Damage DMV offers the following services to restore your home or business after a fire:

  1. Smoke and Odor Removal
  2. Complete Cleaning and Sanitation
  3. Professional Deodorization
  4. Temporary Protection
  5. Carpet and Pad Removal

Water Damage DMV uses the latest technology to eliminate smoke and odor from your home such as ultra-low volume foggers and industrial scrubbers. This approach completely eliminates odors and smoke even in hard to reach corners and does not simply mask the odor. We will thoroughly clean and sanitize your belongings using a variety of appropriate techniques that may include wet and dry cleanings, chemical cleaners and scrubbing. For broken windows, damaged doors and torn roofs, we offer board ups and roof tarping. This protects your home from intruders and the elements while you work on a more permanent solution. We will also replace any carpet and padding that is not salvageable in your home and can install new carpet right away.