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The Top 5 Ways to Stay Prepared for a Potential Flood

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Natural disasters or severe weather conditions often have very little warning to get you to safety. Many people only find out about an evacuation or potential threat when they watch the news or check social media websites for the news. Being unprepared during a flood or weather conditions can result in a loss of your home, your possessions, or worse. By taking a few steps, you can protect the livelihood of your family and the structure of your home.


1. Have Emergency Rations

Having emergency rations on hand is an important part of preparing for a flood or other weather conditions. Heavy flooding often makes it difficult to drive without risking your life or the lives of others, so you don’t want to run out of food at this time. Having a stockpile or an emergency food kit available can hold you over for days or weeks, preventing you from feeling the need to leave the safety of your home for food.


2. Protect In-Home Electrical Systems

When your home is at risk for flooding, you need to make sure that your wiring and electrical setup is at least a foot above the expected flood level. Water near outlets or other electrical cables puts you at risk for electrocution, if you come in contact with the water after it’s been exposed. By keeping your electrical systems above that flood line, you prevent many potential injuries to other people in your home.


3. Provide a Place for Adequate Water Flow

As the rain floods your neighborhood, one way you can prevent damage to your home is by creating a slope that allows water to flow away from your home. This slope may already be determined by the position of your home and the current landscaping. If you know your neighborhood is usually at risk for flooding when it rains, you may need to speak with your local city planning department to solve the issue.


4. Pay to Make Permanent Changes to Your Home

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you can’t afford to move every time there is a flash flood warning. As the homeowner, you may have to make some costly changes to your home’s structure and foundation. One option is hiring a contractor to raise your home up on piers or columns, which can cost upwards of $20,000. If you want to prevent interior damage, apply various coatings and sealing material to your walls, which can help to keep the water from the flood outside.


5. Last Minute Solutions

If your city receives a flash flood warning, there is very little time to prepare your family and your home for the conditions. At this point, focus on small tasks that can be handled in less than an hour. Clear out any gutters, move your important belongings upstairs, and shut off the electricity. With a few precautions, you can prevent additional damage to your home.

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