Storm Damage Restoration

Hailstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes are often considered some of the most frightening natural disasters. Even more frightening is when you think about the damage that it can cause around you. Structures can be severely destroyed due to these storms and it is often something that a property or home owner faces when these types of severe storms strike. Such damage that can occur in multitudes are: fires, water damage and absolute structural turmoil.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Process

When you contact Water Damage DMV, there are many steps involved when it comes to ensuring that the process of rehabilitating a damaged property is completed.

  • One of the first things that will happen will be assessing the damage and organizing clean-up.
  • Removal of large structural items and debris will have to take place in order to clearly assess where the damage is. It is often that some of the materials left behind can worsen a damaged area or weigh it down. For example, a one hundred pound wooden beam is pushing down on a flooded area. The beam would need to be removed before the flooding could be repaired.
  • Any water logged or stagnant water areas causing leaks, rottingĀ  will then need to be removed, repaired and sometimes this warrants a replacement. Our Water Damage Specialists are also apt to utilize special tools that offer structural drying.
  • In some cases, fires can break out due to heavy items falling or flooding occurrences near electrical outlets. This could warrant fire damage restoration. Most damage specialists are skilled in executing the proper steps and resources to best repair the damage.

When you hire Water Damage DMV, we ensure that our specialists will be tactful, quick and efficient as well as great for the cost. Not only is the experience a rehab for the structure, but to have updates are considered a great investment and overall increased value of a property.